About us

Hello and welcome to I DO Marketplace, the new home of wedding planning.

I DO Marketplace began with a simple idea and has been bubbling away in the background since 2016. After years of planning – and a rethink on the name – we’re finally here. We’ve launched!

I DO Marketplace is a the place to be for all of you who are planning your perfect ‘I DO’. We’ve designed an easy to use directory to help you find incredible suppliers and services and we offer an amazing range of products on the marketplace which showcases some of the finest small businesses in the U.K. You’ll also find tips and inspiration on our blog which will help turn that pinterest board into a reality!

We are all about you and your wedding. We’ve spent years tracking down the perfect people and products to create the wedding of your dreams so that you don’t have to. Whether you’re a traditional bride, want a wedding with a twist – or haven’t quite figured that out yet – we can help with every step of your journey.
Come and be part of ours!