What with just having come through the festive season, so many friends got engaged (big congrats to them)!! If you’re reading this post and you were also asked the big question, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!

I’ve been asked by a few friends when should they start planning their wedding now that they are engaged? This is a short post but here’s a few things to remember…

  1. Firstly, enjoy being engaged! So many people start planning their big day straight away but forget to actually enjoy the time after. Your partner would have probably spent a long time choosing your ring and planning the perfect moment, so embrace the initial novelty of it all and make the most not worrying about who’s sitting next to who on which table!
  2. Engagement parties? Should you have one? How you choose to celebrate your engagement is totally up to you. Some people want a party, some would rather go for a family meal and some want a bottle of bubbly with their fiance in front of the tele. There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate. Your engagement is about you as a couple so do as you please and not what other people want.
  3. Engagement photoshoots. If you’re like me and love to milk a situation, get an engagement photoshoot booked in or get a friend with a camera to capture some fun picks of you both. These photos are great to keep alongside your wedding pictures.
  4. Telling your loved ones! Everyone around you is going to be so excited and happy for you so enjoy telling everyone and savour the moment. Don’t feel pressured to tell the whole world though, social media can wait until you’re ready!