Let’s Plan A Wedding

We are SOOOO excited to share our latest feature with you. We’ll be following different couples wedding planning journeys to hopefully aid you to plan yours. We’ll be sharing all the finer details right through to the big day! 

Let’s start by getting to know our first couple!

Lauren: Welcome guys! I hope you’re as excited as I am about being the first couple featured on the Couples Edit. Let’s start by finding out a bit more about you.
Imogen: My name is Imogen (Immy) Overton, I am 26, I am a part time Project Manager and mum to our little boy, Freddie! My partner Karl is 25 (toyboy, I know!) and he is a full-time self-employed Plumbing and Gas Engineer. We’re both really excited to be the first couple of the Couples Edit and can’t wait to share our Wedding Journey.

Lauren: So..boy meets girl, girl meets boy… how did it all start? Was it love at first sight? 

Imogen: We were technically set up by Karl’s sister as we used to work together and YES it was love at first sight…well I was rather drunk and he charmed me with what I thought was champagne…little did I know it was the cheapest bottle behind the bar! Cheeky git. 

Karl: I wooed Immy with a bottle of Moet… Revolutions finest! To be fair, when I first saw her, I said to my sister I was going to marry her!

Lauren: After wooing you with cheap champagne, how did Karl pop the question 4 years later?

Imogen: We were on a family holiday in the Alps and every year we always go for this same walk through the mountains, there are beautiful views, its simply stunning! We always take a big family photo, and typical me, I was doing a stupid pose and as I got up and turned around, Karl was on one knee! I think I caused a small avalanche with my large scream of excitement! ahah
Lauren: That’s amazing! You’ll forever be able to look back on that moment as it was captured on film and photo! Immy, cover your ears for the next part but Karl, how did you go about choosing the ring for Immy?

Karl: Imogen had gone into see a family friend who is Manager at Goldsmiths jewellers with my sister. She took note of what Imogen liked and VOILA! we chose one of those rings – simple! 
Lauren: Amazing! How did you go about telling friends and family? 

Imogen: I think we did the typical Instagram and Facebook post to show the world that he FINALLY put a ring on it…only having to wait 1 small year after birthing his child…

Lauren: Ha brilliant, a belated push present yeah? Did you have an engagement party?
Imogen: We did! We had recently finished our garden (it was a mud slide when we moved in) so wanted to have all of our friends around to enjoy the sun and have a drink in the garden! We played silly games…Mr & Mrs etc. Great party! loved it!
Lauren: Any major highlights of the party?

Imogen: Karl decided to take off his trousers and give himself a thong whilst competing in the cereal box challenge…he said by removing his trousers he had better bending opportunity ahah! That’s the love of my life right there! 

Karl: That’s why she’s marrying me!
Lauren: An image I’d like to forget to be fair. Let’s talk Wedding plans. How did you go about choosing your date?
Imogen: It was the same weekend that we met for the first time, so thought it would be lovely to get married on the same weekend, only 5 years later!

Lauren: That’s so romantic, love it! With only 9 months to plan a wedding, what’s been the hardest part to organise?

Imogen: Oo this is a tricky one – choosing a marquee was hard as I knew I had a specific idea in my head about what I wanted, but all of the nice ones are so expensive. Managed to do a bit of negotiation, and we did get it down a bit, so I’m chuffed to bits with that. Also, choosing a theme – this is really really hard – I would love a theme, but it depends on so many factors, dress, suit marquee – I am still yet to decide as Karl hasn’t got his suit yet…I’m chasing him daily.

Lauren: Have any costs shocked you so far?

Imogen: Yes! All of it! We are trying to do it on a budget and I have tried to find the best price possible but still having nice suppliers. I didn’t realise a band would be so expensive – you are looking at £1,650 for 2 60-minute sets…madness!

Lauren: Getting hitched is definitely not cheap! What are you using to keep organised?

Imogen: So, I firstly started with a very aesthetically pleasing wedding planner book, which is beautiful…thing is, it’s hard to keep it looking neat. So, I have basically given up on this and moved onto the very handy google sheets! I spend my life on it! Its great and so handy! I still have the planner as it’s a lovely keepsake to have. 

Lauren: Name three things that are most important to you as a couple when planning the wedding?

Imogen: dress (obvs)! 

Karl: Food and music for me! 

Lauren: Final question before we wrap it up. What are you most looking forward to on the wedding day?

Imogen: Marrying the man of my dreams – god that’s soppy, but no really, I can’t wait to walk down the aisle and see his face, it will be the best feeling ever. Also, to have all my friends and family around to celebrate the best 5 years I have ever had! Karl’s response to this will be the chocolate fountain is what he is most looking forward to haha!

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